Christmas Comes Early to Parallel 44

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Drink pink

So a typically slow time of year in the winery has become one of urgency and hustle this vintage.  As many of you I'm sure already know, we've run out of last year's vintage of "Drink Pink!".  Not the best time of year to run out of wine, let alone one of our most popular!

Drink pink labeling

So we've been burning the midnight oil and working hard to get some of this year's vintage into the bottle earlier than usual.  While not impossible, it has been challenging.  And though we weren't able to totally avoid a gap between vintages, it looks like we've managed to close the gap to only a week, and are looking to release the new vintage this weekend.  Nobody should have to go through the holidays without their favorite wine, and now you won't have to.  Enjoy!

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Developing a Regional Wine Style

Thursday, December 11, 2014

steve and dad 2

The grape and wine industry of Wisconsin and the Midwest has been around for at least 30 years and has seen exponential growth in the past decade.  However, in comparative terms with the rest of the wine world, we here in the Wisconsin wine world are still in our infancy.  This realization struck me a few years ago as my father and I walked the vineyards of Tuscany and tasted the wines from their cellars.  It is one thing to think about the history of winemaking in Italy and Europe; it is quite another to see, smell and taste first-hand the stories of families that are telling you that they are the 8th, 9th, 10th generation at their particular place.

I soon realized the importance of regional style.   There is no marketing gimmick that can top the personal accounts and stories of world famous wine regions. The uniqueness of a region's wines were developed only after multiple generations of experimenting and learning what grapes grew best in their part of the world as well as what were the best ways to make and blend the best representations of wine from their part of the world.  It is what made a Chianti a Chianti and a Bordeaux a Bordeaux.

The story will be no different here in Wisconsin.  While I am not as patient as I need to be, I realize this journey we are on here in this state's wine industry will require the same kind of efforts of multiple generations of grape growers and winemakers to develop a truly unique and eventually, world famous wine region.

Vision Courage Passion

While it may be very challenging to developa new wine region without a manual or how-to-guide, it is very satisfying to know that we here at Parallel 44 and Door 44, are laying the building blocks for what will someday be a world famous wine region. The recent success of awards for our efforts at growing and making such wines as Bubbler, Drink Pink, and Petite Pearl show that vision, courage, and passion will lead to regionally distinctive wines. To quote the legendary Vince Lombardi, "We will chase perfection, and we will chase it relentlessly, knowing all the while we can never attain it. But along the way, we shall catch excellence."



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Holiday Open House Is Coming Soon!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tammy Holiday Open House

The holidays are upon us, and it's one of my favorite times of the year.  At our wineries, we are celebrating the holidays with our Holiday Open House weekends!

What better way to get ready for the holidays than to join us for wine sampling, cheese pairings, holiday music, and more! Enjoy the crackling bonfires at Parallel 44 or relax to the tunes of local musicians at either of the wineries. Get all your Christmas shopping done early with our Holiday Boxes.  Grab a pre-made box or customize your own with local wine, chocolates, jellies, cheeses, and other great gifts!  We've put up the decorations, and now we're ready for the fun!

Give the gift of local this year! And don't forget to slip your favorite wine into the bag as well. You deserve to treat yourself too! I know I will be grabbing my own bottle of La Crescent! Mmmm my favorite!



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Baco Noir – A Perfect Holiday Wine!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Our Baco Noir has been released and I am so excited because it is just in time for Thanksgiving and the holiday season!  Baco Noir is the name of the grape that produced this wine and it was grown right here in our Viticultural area called the "Wisconsin Ledge."  This is exciting because this grape can sometime be a touch delicate for our cold weather climate.

Our Baco Noir is aromatic and flavors of ripe red berries and black cherries, with light tannins that give it perfect structure and balance.  If you are a Pinot Noir or Burgundy lover, this wine is a must try.  Although reminiscent of these traditional favorites it has an earthy, fruity flair that really captures the terroir of North East Wisconsin.

Baco Noir pairs well with a wide range of foods such as salmon, roasted chicken, pasta dishes, beef stew and TURKEY!  Baco Noir will meld well with those savory turkey flavors without over powering and will  be a perfect complement to all those delicious sides such as cranberry sauce, stuffing, sweet potatoes, roasted vegetables and more.

I love Thanksgiving as it brings family and friend together to share a meal and conversation.  What better way to celebrate these great times than by uncorking a bottle of Baco Noir!  Although a perfect pairing for your Thanksgiving meal it is also the perfect wine to drink after dinner while relaxing in front of the fireplace.  Cheers!


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Holiday Wine Gifting

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Gift boxes

Give wine as a gift? I know what you're thinking, that seems kind of impersonal. Giving a bottle of wine seems more like something you would give someone you don't really know that well or you were invited to someone's house unexpectedly and need a quick gift. So how is it possible to turn a bottle of wine from an impersonal gift to a personal one?

It's really quite simple. Just like you can pair food with wine you can pair interests with wine too. Have a friend who loves to cook, create a holiday gift box that combines her love to cook with her love for wine. You could put together all of the dry ingredients needed to make her favorite Italian meal and add a bottle of Red Door, and find a cook book that was created for pairing wine and food.

Is your significant other a giant movie buff? Give them a bottle of their Favorite Parallel 44 Wine, a movie or two they are dying to see, add in some of their favorite snacks and the promise to watch the movies with them. As you can see giving wine doesn't have to be impersonal it can very easily be made into a personal gift, all it takes is a little thought. While these gift ideas may seem very simple, trust me your friends and family will love the thought that went into these gifts.

For those of you who like the idea of giving a wine gift box, but don't have the time to create your own, we have the solution for you. We offer pre-made and custom made Holiday Gift Boxes. These boxes can be filled with wine, chocolates, candies, and other wine accessories.

To place a holiday gift box order you can call us at (888) 932-0044 or stop in at Parallel 44. A new feature that we have added this year, is that you now can place your gift box orders on our online store. As an added Holiday Bonus, when you order online shipping on all holiday gift boxes is FREE!

Well I probably should get back to working on getting all of those holiday gift boxes filled and ready for you. Until Next Time!


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Vision Courage Passion

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Those are the three words that come to mind when I was asked to explain the genesis of Parallel 44.  On tours or in the tasting room I frequently receive the question, "So why did you start this place?"

It was not to start a second career. It was not because I am a wine connisuer.  It was not because this is an easy or glamorous pursuit.  No, the reason was because as I got older I realized it was not what you did in life that mattered, but rather it was how you do what you do that makes life such a wonderful experience.  My motivation was to start something that was once viewed as impossible here in Wisconsin and to create something from start to finish that many could enjoy with regional pride for years to come.

That motivation requires one to call upon vision, courage, and passion on a daily basis. These are the elements that should drive all of us in our daily pursuits.  The growing and making of wine is just one expression of it.  So as I take a 10 minute break here between cleaning tanks, I invite you to come see, learn, and hopefully taste and enjoy our expression of vision, courage, and passion.

Cheers to those who pursue the same goals!


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Fall Cravings and Wine Pairings

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Maria Kitchen

It is the time of year when the air is full of the smell of fermentation and the tasting room is buzzing with customers taking in the last remaining bit of Fall.  These crisp fleeting days of Fall cause me to think of warm fires, comfort foods and wine shared over conversation with family and friends.  Some of our new wine releases have been perfect pairings for my Fall cravings.

I recently paired our Marquette with a hearty beef stew and roasted acorn squash and it was spectacular.  Petite Pearl I served with eggplant parmesan and breaded beef cutlets and it was oh so tasty.  Although I love to "Explore my Taste," I still go back to long time favorites, like grilled hamburgers and potato chips enjoyed over a Packer Game.  Also, I can never forget my Bubbler, which is always perfect on its own or as a before dinner drink with a cheese platter.

This Fall and upcoming holiday season I encourage you to "Explore Your Taste" and try new recipes and wine pairings, I find it to be one of those simple pleasures in life!



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You Put Ice in Your Wine?!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

wine with ice

See, swirl, sniff…and be sophisticated.  That's what wine is about, right?  Wine is about being able to describe the bouquet as earthy with a hint of toast and to enjoy the full-bodied oaked wine that has a spiciness in its finish.  It's about savoring the intensity of the tannins as you aerate the wine through your teeth.

Is that really what wine is about?  Not here at Parallel 44.  Here, we want everyone to experience and enjoy wine.  Whether you're a wine connoisseur or brand new to the world of wine, we invite everyone in to explore their taste with us.  Many people come in saying they don't know much about wine, almost apologizing as if it's a huge flaw.  You don't have to know anything about wine to enjoy it!  In fact, I love when people walk in with a novice palate.  It allows me to introduce them to wines made with grapes grown here in Wisconsin without them having a preconception of what wine "should" be like.

I always tell people that there is no right or wrong when it comes to wine.  What one person may smell or taste in a wine, may be completely different from the next person.  It doesn't mean that one person is right and the other is wrong.  It simply shows that everyone is different. People come in and sheepishly admit that they put ice in their wine.  Ice in their wine?!  How terrible!  But is it really?  So what if you enjoy all your reds chilled?  So what if you make a spritzer with your wine?  I tell everyone that wine should be consumed the way you enjoy it.  If you don't like warm red wine, toss an ice cube in it.  Here at Parallel 44, we would be the last to turn up our noses at you.

We use the phrase, "Explore your Taste" with us because we want you to expand your boundaries, try new wines, and experience what Wisconsin wines have to offer.  If you take a bottle home and put ice in it, well as long as you're still enjoying it, that's what matters.  You don't need to be a wine connoisseur to enjoy our wines.  You just need to explore your taste to find which bottle of wine (or two or three!) you're going to take home.  So we encourage everyone, regardless of your wine experience, to stop in at our winery and see what we have to offer.  You'd be surprised at how delicious Wisconsin wines really are!

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Nearing the End of the 2014 Grape Harvest

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Greetings from the vineyard! We nearing the end of harvest season, and so far I am proud to report that we have been having an excellent harvest. In a year where most vineyards in the state are reporting lower harvest numbers, we are pulling in a bumper crop. We pulled in almost 6 tons of Frontenac last weekend, one of our highest harvests ever!

Steve Bob and the grapes

I would like to thank everyone who has been coming out and helping us harvest for the past month. You all have done a great job! We couldn't do it without you.



We have only two varieties left to be harvested, Petite Pearl and our wild grapes. Wait, I have to correct myself. There are three varieties left to be harvested. We are leaving 4 rows of our white grape Louise Swenson to be harvested this winter for...SPOILER ALERT...icewine!

This will be the first time that we're using this grape for a late harvest or icewine, in the past we've used St. Pepin for those wines. Louise Swenson makes a delicious icewine reminiscent of peach nectar. I can't wait. It almost makes me wish winter would come faster...
winter scene2

Until next time



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Sam's Introduction

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hi everyone, as the newest addition to Parallel 44, I feel like I should probably take a few minutes to introduce myself. Let me start off by introducing myself, my name is Sam and I am Parallel 44's new Marketing Associate. Now, you are probably wondering what a marketing associate does, well my job is more or less to promote the Parallel 44 and Door 44 brands. My duties include managing social media sites, overseeing and updating our website and blog, creating promotional materials and well I could go on forever, but to make a long list short, basically I handle anything and everything related to marketing.



So how did I ended up here at Parallel 44. Let's start off with where I'm from, I grew up right in between Parallel 44 and Door 44, in Algoma. I recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin Green Bay, with a degree in Business Administration with a Marketing emphasis. Prior to coming to Parallel I worked for 8 years in the retail industry.

During college my two internships focused heavily on digital marketing. After graduating from college, I work for as a marketing coordinator, at grocery store that was starting a digital marketing program. After establishing their marketing program I began searching for a marketing opportunity where I could follow my real passion, traditional marketing. As Fate would have it I ended up at Parallel 44. Where I get to opportunity to utilize the digital marketing skills that I already have and also get to do traditional marketing.

Now I'm going to be completely honest, I never would have predicted that I would end up working for a winery, let alone a winery in Wisconsin.  Now that I'm here though, I won't be leaving anytime soon. While the setting and view are truly beautiful they aren't what will be keeping me in this industry for years to come.
Walk up
There is a lot of work to be done in regards to marketing in this industry. While, marketing in any industry is key, in the wine industry marketing is really is truly crucial part; the wine industry is fractured, market shares are small and more wineries are opening all the time. Building a brand and promoting it is one of the keys needed for success in this industry, well along with having a great product.

As a winery in Wisconsin we have our own unique set of advantages and disadvantage when it comes to marketing, but we can dig into that topic more in a future post. Well I guess this is all I really have to say for this introduction post.
Until next time, Cheers!



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