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Try our Award Winning Wisconsin Wines that celebrate the true terroir of Northeast, WI.  (See all our awards HERE.)  Our mission is to make amazingly tasty wines from grapes that grow on the "Frozen Tundra" of the Upper Midwest. We offer a selection of wines from dry to sweet in both red and white, and are home to the Frozen Tundra Family of Wines.

You can purchase all our wines at our Tasting Room and through our on-line store.  Some of our wines are also available at retail sites near you.


Glacier White

Glacier White $14

Dry estate blend of Louise Swenson and La Crosse grapes.  A delicate honey bouquet with soft melon flavors that give way to a crisp finish.

For Recipe & Pairing ideas, click here.

La Crescent small.PNG

La Crescent $18

Made from the LaCrescent grape, this balanced wine starts with a luscious sweet bouquet and ends with the refreshing rich flavors of peach, apricot and citrus.

For Recipe & Pairing ideas, click here.

Glacier Fume

Glacier Fumé $18

This semi-sweet white wine from the vineyards of P44 offers a crisp, refreshing balance of honey aromatics and tropical fruit flavors with a hint of minerality.

FT White

Frozen Tundra White $14

A semi-sweet aromatic white blend of Wisconsin grapes, with dominant peach and tropical fruit flavors and a hint of honey.

For Recipe & Pairing ideas, click here.

St. Pepin

St. Pepin Late Harvest $14

Made from the St. Pepin grape, grown at Parallel 44, harvested late in October so as to extract the most flavor from the grape, this sweet dessert wine will delight you with its complex tropical fruit flavors.

For Recipe & Pairing ideas, click here.

Petite Pearl

Petite Pearl $33.00

Limited Vintage, one of only 2 wineries in the World to produce this wine, Petite Pearl is a new cold climate grape that is sure to please!  This wine offers an expression of violets, spice and blackberry that lingers on your palate and finishes soft and smooth.

Baco Noir 2013

Baco Noir $29.99

These Baco Noir grapes were grown exclusively in Wisconsin and have created a food friendly wine with excellent aging potential. This red starts with a rich black currant aroma and finishes with lingering black cherry flavors that are sure to please.


Glacier Red $16

Dry estate blend of Foch, St. Criox & Frontenac, offering earthy aromas followed by fruit forward expressions of currant & berries.  This multi-layer wine truly reflects the terroir of NE Wi.

For Recipe & Pairing ideas, click here.

Vin Du Nord

Vin Du Nord $17

Grown & produced in Wisconsin, this is a New World wine from a New World region!  It offers a playful combination of a white wine's fruit forward expression with a red wine's nuanced complexity, combining the best of both worlds to create a flavor explosion.


Nouveau Rouge $15

Light bodied red with raspberry aromas giving way to strawberry & cherry flavors that finish mild and smooth.

For Recipe & Pairing ideas, click here.

FT Red

Frozen Tundra Red $14

Deep full bodied red that highlights the Frontenac grape.  It presents with a distinct cherry aroma and finishes with blackberry, black currant and plum.

For Recipe & Pairing ideas, click here.

Drink Pink

Drink Pink!   $18

These gently pressed estate Frontenac & Foch grapes explode with a sweet/tart expression of strawberries, red raspberries, & pink grapefruit.

FT Original

Frozen Tundra Original $14

A refreshing sweet expression of cherry & crisp tartness, made from the Frontenac grape, grown on the Frozen Tundra.

For Recipe & Pairing ideas, click here.

Wild Grape

Carl's Wild Grape $15

Named after Steve's father Carl, a speciality wine made from wild grapes grown in the vineyards of Parallel 44.

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frontenac dessert

Frontenac Dessert $18

Dessert style, fruit forward red made from 100% P44 Frontenac grapes.  Cherry aromas give way to smooth dark chocolate and cherry flavors.

For Recipe & Pairing ideas, click here.

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